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Our Recording Studios
are inside the main building of Schloss Gnadenthal, outside of Cleves / Lower Rhine. Lodging and boarding in the house are recommended.
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The Rooms
 •  20 m² control room, daylight, view over the park and wood area of the castle
 •  7 m² recording booth
 •  various rooms in the house with up to 80 m²
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The Equipment
• Recording  •  24 Tracks digital on harddisk-recorder ALESIS ADAT HD24,
2 or 4 Tracks digital mobile on ZOOM SD Card Handy Recorder H2,
8 Tracks digital on tape-recorder ALESIS ADAT
• Mixing  •  32 Channels automated digital on TASCAM DM 24 console
• Monitoring  •  GENELEC 8050 A
• CD Master  •  ALESIS MasterLink ML-9600
• DAT Master  •  PANASONIC SV-3700
• Headphones  •  BEYERDYNAMIC DT 990,
AKG K 271 Studio, K 240 Studio, K 141 Monitor
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• Microphones  •  NEUMANN U 87 Ai, AKG C414B-TL, D 112, D 190, BEYER M 201, SHURE Beta 58, SM 57, SM 58, a.o.
• Keyboards  •  DOEPFER LMK4+ Masterkeyboard, ROLAND SH-101 (MIDI-ized), D-20 Synthesizer
• Outboard  •  SPL GainStation 1 + Gold Mike Class A Preamps, DRAWMER Three-sum Multi-Band Interface, DL 241, OTZtronic SSB 586-3 Compressors, PAS 685 Noisegates, LEXICON LXP-1, LXP-5, DIGITECH VHM5 Vocalist, ART Multiverb, YAMAHA SPX 90, Q 2031 A, ALESIS Midiverb II, KORG KAOSS PAD, a.o.
• Amps  •  PIGNOSE, HUGHES + KETTNER Tubeman, SANSAMP, YAMAHA T-100, QSC 1700, PEAVEY 120, img StageLine PROTON-15, a.o.
• Various  •  guitars, bass, drumset, congas, percussions, trombone, tampura, acoustic piano, megaphone a.o.
 •  img StageLine [CD-40PRO] CD Player, img StageLine [CD-340USB] Pro Dual CD Player, DENON DCD-980, Kenwood KX-1100HX Taperecorder
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The Offer
 •  Recording, production and CD-release of your sound on one of our labels with LC + ISRC codes.
 •  Promotion and distribution of the product if it fits to our program.
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Conditions on demand.
Send an E-mail or give us a call.
Please, don't send demos.