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Multimedial Minimalisms


Originally born in Berlin in 1949, RoN Schmidt left the city in 1968 and has lived in the Niederrhein area since 1972. Over the years he has established an impressive reputation nationally and internationally for his unique blend of music, poetry, sculpture and painting.
His skill lies in his ability to take different media and create ingeniously devised realities. In addition to his prolific solo output, RoN Schmidt frequently collaborates with fellow musicians, artists and performers in the pursuit of his creative goals.
Electronic processing acquires magical dimensions ('Any technology that is sufficiently developed seems like magic to domesticated primates'). It is no longer the material that defines the result, but the personal concept and application of the artist/user.
One particularly fascinating challenge in this respect is the fusion of contrasting elements without compromising their uniqueness or originality.
RoN Schmidt has consciously opted to continue to push the boundaries of analogue media and exploit the resulting alienating effects as a style tool. Blurred areas between unpredictability and synchronicity lead into chaotic processes that can be structured and refined through further processing.

Public appearances (selection)
Frankfurter Jazz Festival, Vonderort Festival, Kunstwoche Essen, Kunstlandschaft Worpswede, Glaskasten Marl, Faszination Revier, Ars Electronica Linz, Kunsthalle Recklinghausen, Film- und Videofestival Bielefeld, WDR Stadtmusik, Independent Messe Berlin, Ruhr-Rock-Festival, Lange Lyrik Nacht Köln, NW-Museum Düsseldorf, Off-Lyrik-Festival Kiel, Tacheles Berlin, Altes Gauforum Weimar, RAI Rom.

Audio productions
van Bebber, Schmidt, Thelosen - Kombination 'Stück für Stück' LP
RoN Schmidt 'Ich bin der Mensch des 21. Jahrhunderts' MC
Fritz Kids 'Tanz auf dem Vulkan' EP, 'Hart an der Grenze' MC
ZDL 'Abflug' MC, 'Er wundert sich' MC, 'Es ist..' MC, 'Vivat!' MC
Kimono Code 'Kimono Code' LP
General Motors 'Ooof, oof!' CD
RoN Schmidt (various artists) 'Nahe der Stille' CD, 'VOX' CD
Claus van Bebber/RoN Schmidt (& Paul Hubweber) 'RUBBED + BLOWN' CD
RADIOLINES (Claus van Bebber/RoN Schmidt + Arno Peeters/Jannie Pranger + Elio Matusciello/Mike Cooper) 'La Voce' CD
RoN Schmidt (& various artists) 'six and more' CD

RoN Schmidt

    Published at NURNICHTNUR:
  'trig in drop out tune in turn off' - CD 2018
  '55:55' - CD 2015
  'ArToll-Klanglabor 2008: RAHMENHANDLUNG' - CD + DVD 2009
  'Klanglabor' - CD 2003
  Six And More - Way Out - CD 2002
  'RUBBED + BLOWN' - CD 1999
  'Nahe der Stille' - CD 1998
  'VOX' - CD 1997
  'Uran' - Booklet 1997
  'Die Kernlosen' - Booklet 1994
  'Schlichte Gedichte' - Booklet 1977
    'Stück für Stück' - LP 1977